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Resistor Calculator

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Resistor Calculator

4 Bands

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Know About Resistor and Color Code Calculation,

Resistor Calculator is a simple web application made with javascript proggramming and HTML5 framework to calculate A Electronic Resistor Color Code.
You Just have to input the resistors bands colors and then TADA!
The Value of the resistor will be calculated and a image will be simulated.
A Resistor is a electronic component which can resist voltage in a electrical circuit.
Here's Some Picture of it. First one is single one and the other one is Mounted on a printed circuit board aka PCB.

A Resistor
A Resistor

A Resistor
Resistors on PCB

Now let's talk about how do we make the calculation to get the value of a resistor using its color code bands.
It's very simple.

Here's a chart of the meaning of the color codes,

A Resistor
Resistor Color Code Chart

Here, From the first band,

  1. The First Number of the resistor value
  2. The Second Number of the resistor value
  3. The Multiplier
  4. The Tolarence

Let's Do a simple math to make it more easy!
Suppose, We have a resistor with Brown, Yellow, Red and Golden Bands on it.
Let's calculate it's highest and lowest value.
At first let's gather the meaning of the color bands from the chart.

The Code For Brown is 1
The Code For Yellow is 4
The Multiplier For Red is 102 or 100
The Tolarence For Golden is ±5%

The First two bands color codes stands for a same number.
So, The Resistor Value is,

14 × 102 ± 5%

Highest Value = 1470 Ω or, 1.47 Kilo Ohm
Lowest Value = 1330 Ω or, 1.33 Kilo Ohm

It is that easy!

Note: For Five Bands, First 3 bands stands for one single number. And For Six Bands, First 4 Bands stands for one single number.

But What is PPM?

PPM is "Parts per Million"
It is calculated as ppm/°C
When the temperature of a resistor changes, the resistance value changes also.
Let's See A Demontration,

A Resistors Temperature coefficiency is 50ppm/°C
Meaning that the change in value due to a temperature change of 1°C will not be more than 50Ω for every 1MΩ of the resistor's value (or 0.05Ω for every 1KΩ of its value).

Note: The temperature coefficient quoted above would be typical of a metal film resistor. Carbon film types have temperature coefficients typically around 200 to 500ppm/°C

Tawsif Torabi
Web Developer, GR+ Bangladesh